Party Wish Lists


Mount: Lunar Dragon (the outer Dragon type, it’s on the SRD and in bestiary 4)

Magic Items:

  • Staff of Necromancy
  • Gong of Death

I’m hoping to get control of a small set of islands and set up my base of operations there. Me and my demigods Will live there handling souls and setting them in their proper spot in the afterlife.


Low level

  • MW Full plate
  • Wand CLW
  • Cleric scrolls

Low mid

  • Adamantine greatsword
  • Belt of strength
  • Halo of wisdom


  • Boots of striding
  • Periapt of health
  • Ring of spell storing
  • Lesser rod of quicken spell

High mid

  • Ring of regeneration
  • Belt of physical might, (con/strength)
  • Halo of mental perfection
  • +5 adamantine full plate


  • Staff of life (if this could look like a chalice, but behave as a staff, that’d be swell.)
  • Greater rod of quicken spell
  • Greater rod of maximize spell
  • Some item that gives me a permanent consecrate centered on me?


  • Dawnbringer (+5, holy, flaming burst, adamantine greatsword; Mass heal once per day)
  • Make my chalice of life regain charges per day?


  • Cloak of Immolation
  • A Phoenix mentor
  • A Dragon Hatchling
  • Story Arc: Players fight a war
  • Story Arc: Players steal something, but only because they want it, not for some greater quest.
  • Story Arc: An ordered lawful thing that obviously needs destruction; a society, an ideal, a tyrant.



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