Session 4 - Death and the Desert

Immediately after cutting down the scorpion, the party noticed a figure lurking just outside the light of their campfire. It was the Vishkanya woman Rohini of the Ganesh tribe, guided to the site of the scorpion’s death by magical message from her tribe’s shaman.

Rohini, exhibiting none of the violent barbarism that Laurian claimed the native people of the Kalahari possess, proved to be very inquisitive and curious about the party. In a very old form of common, she inquired about the nature of the party – what were they? In so doing, she forgot her task to put the scorpion to rest and the nature of the land reanimated it as a zombie. When the party promptly cut it down yet again, Rohini explained that anything the size of a person or larger walks again after death if the proper ritual is not done to it. It is a sacred duty of her tribe to try to ease a creatures passage so this does not happen.

In talking further to Rohini, the party learned that she and her little brother were alone in this part of the desert. The finery she is garbed in was to be part of an effort to offer herself to someone called Keb-echet, as he has made it a habit of trapping the souls of dying children who have not yet completed their first hunt rather than let them pass onto the great beyond. Graver, rather smitten by Rohini, offered the party’s help in making her case to spare her little brother’s soul. Together, they ventured to Rohini’s camp where an elaborate tent wreathed in finery awaited the arrival of this mysterious figure.

The next day, as Rohini‘s little brother neared death from some sort of poisioning, Keb-echet, a Shinigami, arrived. Looking like a specter of death he entered the tent, but stopped short when Caelynn confronted him. The two spoke in front of the others, Keb-echet describing that he is trapping the souls of the truly innocent because he does not know where the souls go when they pass beyond the briny veil. It was clear though that Caelynn possessed some sort of authority over the Shinigami – her command to trap the soul of the dying boy and hand over all his trapped souls was immediately obeyed despite Keb-echet’s pet names for her such as “Fledgling End”, “Green Grave”, “Tenderfoot Grim”, “Budding Reaper”, and “Little Death.” As the death herald left, he said that such an act always has consequences, and because Caelynn possesses the gems he cannot himself put down the Attic Whisperer that manifested. The party however, was able to cut down the creature and avoid burning anything more than a small portion of the ritual tent.



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