Session 1 - Trouble at the Temple

The Players have been asked to clear the old Temple of Shadrithir of an infestation of rats.

Cyrus awakes in a hospital ward to find Figgery attending him. Figgery tells him a story, where the parties’ caravan was raided by a band of uruks. Bartholomaus speaks to the caravan survivors, telling them they must leave the city due to a recent terrorist attack on a group of prominent citizens; all are to leave but the party, who must stay to repay the debt owed by their rescue. Cyrus channels holy energy to heal the departing caravansary.

The party’s assignment is to camp outside Requiem, the long-sealed temple to Shadrathir in Paravahl. They are to clean out the rat infestation that has been soiling the temple grounds. Scarceno is assigned to lead them to the temple, and tells them about the city.

floating city by ecsian
by ecsian

Upon reaching Requiem, Scarceno takes his leave and the party is soon assaulted by dire rats. As they are defeated it becomes clear the rats have been conjured. Cyrus channels holy energy to heal the party, which appears to trigger the opening of Requiem.

door in the deep by roseandthorn
by roseandthorn

Almost immediately after the temple is opened, the party hears Scarceno tripping over an invisible wizard. The caster reveals himself when he hurls Scarceno into the temple with a telekinesis spell. Though Graver hits the conjurer with a crossbow bolt, the party quickly realizes they are outmatched and retreats into the temple.

Inside Requiem, the party finds itself in a room that sports a trap based on light, color, multiple trigger pedals, and the summoning of dark ones. In the next room, they discover another trap, with statues that move when not looked upon and a complex locking mechanism on the door.

After their trials, the party encounters a motley band of creatures claiming to be various gods (Erathis, Dumathoin, and Hextor). The gods argue about Scarceno’s intentions for bringing the party to Requiem, and argue about which will be their chosen. Eventually, battle ensues and the motley band is defeated – feigning death or retreating.



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