Session 15 - Penumbra's Problem

With Paravahl’s enchantment restored, the city no longer had to rely on the rice teleported into the city from Penumbra to fill its populace’s bellies with gruel. The value of rice had plummeted, and so had the usefulness of the halfling slaves that worked the fields. The fate of the slaves was in jeapordy.

Though the evening’s activities were lost to the fog of drink, the party did find themselves the next morning aboard a ship chartered to travel north…

A gloomy dawn twilight rises over Penumbra – the sun filtered through the skysea, a high cloud cover, and the shadows of the port itself. A light steady rain falls from the sky casting the floorboards of the docks in a slippery silver sheen. The chill in the air wraps your breath in a mist that sinks into the brackish waters below the town.

Aboard the Sea Bitch, the party meets the irrepressible Marsala – a halfling and captain of the vessel. The sharp woman immediately picks up on the deific nature of her passengers and points out that one of her crew – Prism – is just like them. She also remarks on the liberated halfling slaves that came on board the night before – and that’s where things got interesting.

In short order, the fiery captain and Graver find much in common at their disdain for the rampant slavery in Penumbra. Marsala is quick to mention a dangerous plan she’s let stew in her mind for days, but lacked the muscle to pull it off:

Penumbra has a bound elder fire elemental which stands as a lighthouse to warn ships away from beaching against the burnt isle. Marsala thinks that, if the party can defeat the creature, she can resurrect it from the ashes in the middle of Penumbra – causing a healthy distraction since the city is all planks and wood covered in tar. In the ensuing fiery chaos, the party can overrun the barrak guards, free the halflings, and set them on the path to Sanctuary.

Desolation by leojr
by leojr

The party agrees to the plan (dragging Leantha along really) to free the halflings and rows their way out to the burnt isle. All lack any skill with boats however, and the trip soons requires magic to pull off. However, they eventually reach the isle, and with the elder fire elemental bound to a platform, they make quick work of it and return to the Sea Bitch.



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