Session 17 - Xxiphu’s Vault Key

In the wake of their escape from the destruction of Penumbra at the hands of the primordial they summoned, the party and the crew of the Sea Bitch hold a celebration. The companions they’ve acquired on their travels each contribute to the party – either with music, magically-conjured lights, or activities.

As the party grew quiet, Laurian shares a story of the Separated Samsarans Oliea and Farthagrin. Oliea was cursed with most of the other Samsarans by Awareness when he returned to Senium to punish the race for uplifting the mortal races to sentience to fight in their proxy wars. Farthagrin, distraught over being separated from his love, paired himself with the efforts of the dwarves to mine deep into the earth for an ancient temple. From the temple Farthagrin took a crystal and used the power of the crystal to restore Oliea. The crystal was so powerful that it instead returned Oliea to original form – whatever it was before the high magic of the dragons created them. Farthagrin disappeared along with any knowledge of what Oliea transformed into.

After the story was told, Cyrus summoned Dantalion and asked for advice about what to wish for. Dantalion advised him to wish for the ability to locate a key and then a aboleth vault that was rumored to contain a potent weapon to battle angels. Dantalion also shared that the vault contained a powerful weapon to battle demons, and he would gladly pay a high price to receive such a potent gift. Cyrus agreed with the suggestion, and wished for the recommended abilities.

Steamboat by Togman Studio
from Togman Studio

The wish for the vault key led the Sea Bitch north to a ship anchored directly above the key’s location. The party made their way onto the ship, overpowered the crew, and observed a strange mechanical device operating on board. The party recognized the technology as being the work of Dumathoin and Graver immediately sabotaged it, causing the underwater vault the device was pumping full of air to immediately collapse, killing all inside. The key itself was ejected from the temple during the explosion and the party ventured undersea to retrieve it. After a battle with an undersea creature, the party began their journey back to the surface.



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