Session 21 - WMDs

Vault of the Exalted by Dylan Pierpont
by Dylan Pierpont

Having defeated the pretender gods at the threshold of the vault, the party brings their key to bear, opens the seals, and descends into the ancient room…

A metallic tang hangs heavy in the misty air of Xxiphu’s vault. What meager light you’ve brought pales in comparison to the powerful glow of potent items gathered in the central dais. That glow is reflected in golden color hundreds of thousands of times throughout the room among scattered piles of gold, jewelry, trinkets and gems.

Wispy forms of tattered cloth hover about the dais as if gazing upon it in desire. The red-clawed creatures have no gaze however, just shattered red skulls resting atop open maws, all of it leaking a milky substance.

The party faced the Dark Choir – a trio of soul eaters bound to the vault as guardians over the terrible weapons gathered within.

The Dark Choir by Dylan Pierpont
by Dylan Pierpont

As before, their enemies fell before the might of the Gods, and the long-forgotten wealth of Xxiphu was theirs. Among a sea of gold and gems filling the dias, they took note of powerful artifacts:

  • The Brahmastra Crystal – Said to have formed from the tears of the holy light, weeping in sadness as he cast the rebellious angels from the heavens.
  • Death Warden’s Scarf – Said to be woven from the stolen breath of widows first learning of the death of their husbands.
  • Spellbreaker Blade – Said to have been forged in the eternal fires left behind by the first fire primordial as it was banished from creation and strippped of magic.
  • The Phoenix Cloak – Rumored to be the immortality of a phoenix, relinquished when it’s Samsaran creator was cursed to become a Rakshasa.
  • Legendsbane – The weapon feared by the gods of the first age, rumored to have been forged with the last vestiges of creation magic left to the dragons and honed to a point with their collective bitterness and rage at their curse from Awareness.
  • Asmodean War Banner, Vashathros – Said to have bound the wounds of the high angel himself, suffered in the final push for Mount Celestia when the demons of the Darkness betrayed their new allies.

In a swirl of brimstone smoke, Dantalion manifests in the vault…

A gravelly voice echoes in the vast chamber over your excited chatter and eager visages, “I wouldn’t touch that dagger if I were you.” Greeting you with a fanged smile, the handsome horned phistophilus Dantalion approaches the dias. His deep red skin and wreath of horns lending even the glittering light of gold a sinister glare.

He carries a word of warning about even touching Legendsbane, but speaks lovingly of Vashathros, “Ah, but this pennant – this is abjectly perfect. As always my dear friend Cyrus, our arrangements are as mutually beneficial as they are pleasant.”

Taking up the pennant, Dantalion attempts to teleport away, but quickly realizes the war banner cannot travel with him in such a manner. After a few attempts, the frustrated philostophilous sighs with resignation and declares that he shall travel with the party, guarding the cloth until they draw near to a path of Addaric – then he will take the artifact back to hell. Waving his hands once more, an orangish-yellow mist surrounds him…

As the infernal mists pull away, a strikingly handsome man stands before you. He’s got a dangerous smile on his lips framed with a devil-may-care dusting of stubble and a dark look in his smokey eyes. He wears a comfortable sleeveless red silk tunic that matches the former tone of his skin and tight black leather breeches polished so as to be reminiscent of the many horns of his true form.

The Devil’s Eyes by Natalie Hijazi
by Natalie Hijazi

Before the party could begin claiming their prizes however, Krossbyr – self-proclaimed king of Bathyal – arrived with a squad of Sahuagin at his back.

“Excellent work adventurers! You’ve done a great service to Bathyal in discovering such a large cache of strategic assets. Yes, all these objects and coinage I think shall be vital to the reclamation of the city. Wouldn’t you agree?”

To which Dantalion interjected and responded, “Like hell it is; there are few things in this shit hole of a world that annoy me more than those who break their word. Let’s see how strategic these assets are when they’re shoved up your ass.”

Battle ensues, and the crew of the Sea Bitch soon makes an appearance – running into the vault shortly after Krossbyr’s army. In a chaotic melee, their enemies again are struck down and the party leaves Bathyal without a king and an empty vault.



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