Session 6 - Keys, Wishes, and Consequences

the round door by anderius
by Anderius

At the behest of two wishes, the door of the vault which held the Pefection’s Key opened. Within, the party found three sarcophagi – two buried and one open. From the one open coffin emerged a mummy which attacked them immediately. They easily struck it down however, and acquired the key with ease from there.

At that point, what was left was the remaining wishes for the party – they went as follows:

  • A wish by Cyrus to set Dantalion free of the magic circle.
  • A wish by Cyrus to have Dantalion appear to them in a moment of need. Dantalion in turn gave a Bracelet of Friends to Cyrus with a single charm for himself.
  • A wish by Caelynn to have Caelar unburied. Dantalion in turn used the magic circle to complete a planar binding spell, summoning Fwaeef, an elder air elemental, and binding her to the task.
  • A wish by Graver, to free from slavery all the halflings in the City of Paravahl.

At that point the entire group made their way outside of the city, and Dantalion inquired to Caelynn about the innocent souls that she had in her possession. Caelynn declined to trade them, and the devil took his leave.

The party then set out to exit the Caelaran crater. But, in the canyon-path through the crystal ring, they encountered Harkir, who demanded the soul gems they carry. The party swiftly trounced him, despite a charm spell which had been laid over Caelynn. In response to Harkir’s failure, an Accuser Devil appeared from invisibility and tried to seize the gems itself, but it failed. The party interrogated the creature and discovered many things:

  • Dantalion had been trapped by the circle for hundreds of years.
  • After being summoned by the fetchling expedition party earlier, Dantalion made contact with the Accuser Devil, sending it to scout the nearby area and begin learning about the nearby Ganesh tribe of Vishkanya.
  • Dantalion eventually devised a plan to use the Accuser Devil’s bite to sicken the young boy of Harkir, and demand that the shaman sign his soul away to free him and cure the child.
  • Rohini interfered with the plan however when she realized the boy was dying as an innocent and took him to the ritual tent to beg for Keb-etchet’s mercy.
  • Furious, Dantalion was at a loss as to what to do until the party arrived. He then instructed the accuser devil to tell Harkir to let them through to Caelar, even though it was forbidden. The devil threatened Rohini’s life to secure the shaman’s compliance.
  • After the party freed Dantalion, he once again instructed the accuser devil to threaten Rohini’s life, instructing Harkir to take the soul gems from Caelynn.

Having patched things up with Harkir and bid goodbye to Rohini, the party called upon Laurian who appeared through teleportation. The party then showed the Kayal the city of Caelar being unburied by the Fwaeef, and they together deduced that the crater somehow still counted as a planar boundary. They exited the crater and teleported to the Expedition Camp, at the edge of the Kalahari. There, Laurian made contact with Adelaide, who advised that she would prepare the spells to appear the next day.
The following day, Adelaide appeared, secured the key, and advised the party of her precarious position as head of the city:

  • The stability index was on a knife’s edge, an election for Potentate was almost inevitable.
  • Shadrathir has returned and began granting her cleric divine power again and re-appointed her hierophant, Lord Scarn.
  • As hierophant, Lord Scarn has enough influence to compete for Potentate should an election be called. In reaction, the other archmages have thrown in with several other supposed old gods that have suddenly cropped up within the city.
  • Because of the damage to the economy from Graver’s actions, the poor and desperate kayal of Paravahl have flocked to these new faiths and are fueling a cold war to generate intrigue.
  • The bubonic plague has erupted among the halflings of the city, sparked by Graver’s wish (though Adelaide doesn’t know how it started). Soon, she will have to evacuate the halflings from the city. Again, the recent damage to the economy has been enough that the city’s enchantment is too weak to cure the halflings.

In facing these challenges, the party agrees to accompany Adelaide back to the city to help her stabilize the situation. In response to returning the key, they ask for the following favors:

  • Leantha asked that an independent protector’s guild be formed within the city and granted to sigil of a sphinx. The guild is to follow the laws of the city, and entry is available to all that have no criminal record.
  • Caelynn asked for crafting services from the city and that all Kayal be barred from the Kalahari desert forever unless given specific permission.
  • Graver asked that assistance be granted to the plagued halflings of the city.
  • Cyrus asked for crafting services and for the services of Orrin.

The party then traveled to Paravahl by teleportation, arriving at Eunice’s flat where they watched Adelaide coordinate a swift response to the situation:

  • She had the party wreathed in a powerful illusion, making them look like Kayal.
  • She declared a state of emergency, suspending the stability index and making open battle in the streets punishable by death.
  • She ordered the entire halfling population of Paravahl evacuated to below the city.
  • She ordered the city lowered to its lowest point and the stairs extended to the surface.
  • She mobilized the resources of the wizard’s college to assemble the halfling camp and coordinate the evacuation.

As her responsed wrapped up, Adelaide recommended that the party seek out and eliminate Dumathoin so that they could compel the Apothecary Guild to begin fashioning cures for the halflings. The party complied, using their contact with Dr. Tribideux to arrange a meeting with the nascent “deity.” On their way, the party learned that the full resources of the guild were likely insufficient to address the plague afflicting the halflings.

The session wrapped up with the party opening the door to the chamber where Dumathoin was said to be working…



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