Session 2 - The Return

In the lower cathedral of Requiem, the party turns their attention to Scarceno’s earlier statements grilling him on the ritual he mentioned. After striking a deal for his release in exchange for an explanation of what was going on, Scarceno gives the party the following details:

  • The ritual he spoke of will return divine magic to the world, as it has been locked up in the skysea for the past 600 years.
  • The skysea no longer needs diving magic to hold it up – the god of death and the goodess of the sea explained that to them before raising the deities banded together to raise it. Scarceno is not sure how it will stay intact.
  • Five people are required to complete the ritual. The motley band, +1 that Scarceno can’t remember, were selected to perform the ritual after 300 years – but they couldn’t because they were missing a fifth.
  • As time neared for the ritual to complete, Scarceno was selected to ‘die’ in order to escape the confines of the temple and find a way to get a fifth back inside. His attempts failed, and eventually he grew tired of dying over and over again to try again, so he started trying to infiltrate the temple to steal what he could of his remaining divine essence.
  • No sentient sacrifice is needed to complete the ritual – that’s just barbaric. The only thing that needs to be sacrificed is a small portion of divine essence, which kickstarts the whole process. [Lie – no sacrifice is needed at all]
  • When Scarceno was first freed, he tried to recruit help from his former high priest Illarion, but the Kayal didn’t believe that Scarceno was a fragment of his deity and cast him out of the city.
  • In this latest incarnation, hundreds of years later, Scarceno went to work for Illarion’s organization, posing as a Kayal and hoping that the efforts of his former high priest to open Requiem would allow him to regain entry into the temple.

Grudgingly keeping their word, the party released Scarceno to join them and they proceeded to the next floor of the temple, encountering two Huecuvas – former saints of Shadrathir raised by the motley band. Angry, Scarceno tried to release them from their torment and with the aid of Caelynn managed to do so while Leantha held them back and Cyrus & Graver assailed them with holy power and fire. After defeating the Huecuvas, the party explored and plundered the private rooms of the motley band, picking up a item and a potion from each room.

Ascending another couple levels, the party reaches a room designed for a ritual:

This room stands in stark contrast to the rest of the tower – all trappings of any deity have been completely removed. Well-lit from the ever-burning torches, the central part of this room is dominated by a permanent arcane sigil built directly into the floor. A smattering of discarded magic paraphernalia litters the ground and a levitating capstone hovers above a hole filled with a clear, glowing liquid. An ambient charge seems to electrify the air itself and your heart swells with the feeling that anything is possible here.

round room by sidxartxa
by sidxartxa

Guided by Scarceno chanting in draconic, the party took their places within the arcane sigil and completed the ritual. However, Caelynn managed to figure out that Scarceno was up to something odd, and prompted the party to resist. The ritual was still completed, but the dissonance caused it to backfire against Scarceno, killing him. The party entombed Scarceno’s body in the crypts of Requiem and proceeded to climb out of the tower.

Outside of the tower, some members of the party spotted a sparking golden bug fly quickly out of the courtyard to emerged into. Shortly after that Figgery, the halfing surgeon from house Scarn approached the party from behind an arch and invited the party to meet with Bartholomaus for congratulations and reward for opening tower Requiem.

Before the party could respond to the offer, a managerie of other noteable figures in Paravahl arrived in the courtyard outside of Requiem, each offering the party something in exchange for going with them to describe what happened within the temple:

  • Adeliade Omenra, Supreme Potentress of Paravhal and Headmaster of the School of Divination offered a favor from the City of Paravahl in exchange for going with her.
  • Dr. Tribideux, scientist and member of the Apothecary Society offered gold in exchange for going with him and providing samples.
  • Illarion Scarn, former High Priest of the Church of Shadrathir, head of house Scarn and member of the School of Illusion, offered the full support of his house and organization and answers as well.

Foolishly, each member of the party opted to accept a different offer. Leantha opted to travel with Adeliade, Cyrus with Dr. Tribideux, Graver with Illarion, and Caelynn declined each offer and opted to go it alone.

Leathna, traveling with Adeliade, answered several of her questions about what happened within the Temple, but managed to keep several important details about the ritual out of her story. Later, the elf was ambushed by a Kyton which somehow managed to pentrate the defenses of Tower Prescience.

Cyrus, traveling with Dr. Tribideux, spoke very little about what happened in the temple but stirred up trouble with the unstable doctor when he unknowingly distrupted one of his experiments. Talking his way out of a more serious situation, Cyrus left with some gold, but little knowledge of the location of his companions.

Graver, traveling with Illarion, remained suspicous and elusive about the details of what occured in Temple Requiem. Later, an imp delivered a trap into his hands in the guise of a package – when opened, it exploded into a swarm of snakes that nearly killed him. Graver managed to escape from the snakes and Scarn Manor, but left all of his gear, taking only a towel with him.

Caelynn was accompanied by Figgery at the command of Illarion. The halfing obeyed, and guided Caelynn to the nearest inn – The Occulous. There, an unnamed Bartender served the tiefling some exotic drinks and gave guidance to the nearest inn with available rooms. Unfortunately, Caelynn was intercepted in an alley and mugged. When she came too, Figgery was missing, and so where all of her worldly possessions.



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