Adeliade Omenra

Wizard Queen of Paravahl


Queen of the night by snowskadi
Image by SnowSkadi

Wreathed in the layered trappings of a wizard queen, this regal kayal with a face of marble speaks in a soft voice contrary to the power she wields. The burning yellow of her gaze carries the weight of centuries of experience with intrigue; already you can feel the web of her plots tightening about you.

  • Tasked the party with searching for Perfection’s Key, an artifact rumored to be able to open any lock. The party found the key in the lost City of Genoa, and returned it to Adeliade.


Adeliade, in a maneuver that involved using Perfection’s Key to access and control Paravahl’s enchantment, has gained control of Paravahl and delared herself the Wizard-Queen of the new Paravahlian Empire.

vengeance of hell by snowskadi
by SnowSkadi


Adeliade Omenra is the Supreme Potentress of Paravahl and Headmaster of the School of Divination. Her timeless beauty, reputation as a polite politician, and penchant for never being taken off guard has earned her fame even outside of Paravahl. Many non-Paravahlians call her the witch-queen, but that is a misnomer – her rule is more a constitutional monarchy, with the headmasters of the other wizard schools acting as Parliament. Also, she’s a wizard, not a witch.

Adeliade Omenra

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