Cyrus Malak

Encumbent god of life


STR 14
CON 14
INT 12
WIS 16
CHA 16

Originally a member of the highest choir of angels, he disagreed with the subjugation and inquisition of the peoples of Elysium. After joining the resistance, as an adviser, he was instrumental in several key victories for the movement, but ultimately, fell and became an Aasimar when he engaged in battle with a squad attempting a coup of the resistance leaders. The leaders fell, and the loss to the resistance proved catastrophic. Cyrus escaped, and set about arranging for as many of the resistance to escape as he could. Having witnessed so many needless deaths at the hands of the Angelicum, he has vowed that he will spend his mortal life preventing as much unwarranted bloodshed, and injustice as he can.

Cyrus hates the Angelicum, and what the nation of Elysium has become. He wants nothing more than to see the Angelicum brought to its knees, and the people of Elysium freed. He still has some friends on the continent that are most likely in danger, and he hopes to help them one day.

Cyrus is personable, kind, and valorous, though is somewhat self conscious of his new form. He has only scattered memories of his existence before his fall. He knows he is a shadow of his former self, he knows what he was fighting for when he fell, and he remembers the leaders of the Angelicum that brought about his fate.

He is determined to right the wrongs in the world by bringing justice to those that deserve it, and aid to those that need it.

Cyrus Malak

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