1st Age Goddess of Civilization


Original image by BlarkTar-in-a-jar.

Erathis is a pompous, bossy, entitled fallen goddess with a hunger for the power she once wielded. With a pouting, adult-talking-like-a-child demeanor, her spoiled attitude and delusions of grandeur are enough to grate on the nerves of anyone she meets.

  • Erathis was first encountered in session 1 – trapped in Obfucarn, the sealed temple to Shardrathir in Paravahl. She inhabited the body of a Soulbound Doll.
  • Erathis was next encountered in session 7 in Paravahl’s Cathedral of Bureaucracy, inhabiting the body of a beautifully carved ice golem.
  • The party ran into Erathis again in session 13, where they found her working in league with a group of Xill attempting to claim the deific power stored the the Staff of Addaric at the Center of Eldoreem Valley. There, she inhabited the body of a Soulbound Mannequin.


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