Eunice Baumgartner

Functionary of the Intrigue Indexing Institution


Image by EmanuelMardsjo.

Clothed in the same elegant, decaying drab garb as the other Kayal of Paravahl, this woman seems unexceptional at first glance. Looking deeper however, you notice a clearly perceptabile weight rests on her shoulders and her glowing yellow gaze carries the worry of a woman who knows all too well how everythings rests on but a knife’s edge.

  • Mistakenly called “Ooo-bis” by Graver.
  • First encountered when she confronted Graver when he divulged the secret of the opening of Tower Requiem in the Paravahl’s bazaar. Accused him of intentional destruction of currency without reinvestment intent.
  • In later sessions, Eunice had a romantic encounter with Graver.

Eunice Baumgartner

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