Illarion Scarn

A cunning Kayal, member of the School of Illusion & former Hierophant of Shadrathir's Church


Loss hangs over the Kayal before you like a shroud, tinting every element of his appearance and demeanor. Though he wears finery, signs of wear and repeated mending are evident along the lacey seams of his ruff and cuff. His bearing is that of a man that no longer expects deference and even his stark black hair carries an uncharacteristic sign of age. His glowing silver eyes are islands amidst the pall, burning with fierce determination, almost saying for themselves – “I will get it back.”

Follower of Shadow


Illarion is the former high priest of the now defunct Church of Shadrathir. Now the kayal makes due as a middling lord in the School of Illusion.

  • Illarion was one of the survivors of a group of noblemen who were killed in the terrorist attack that struck Paravahl.

Illarion Scarn

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