Mercenary 'Fetchling'


Quiet and mysterious, this kayal has not the look of a wizard or warrior about him. Rather, he sports a sort of cunning in his looks, and a penchant for simple observation. Though lightly armored and sporting comparatively small weapons, you get the impression this man knows how to wield them with deadly skill.

  • Orrin was once a freelance fetchling; securing whatever he was hired to secure through a variety of means. He is accustomed to being geased into secrecy and doesn’t really mind it – he had little interest is participating in Paravahl’s dance for intrigue. When Paravahl changed and intrigue became unnecessary, he left with party to travel with them.
  • Orrin became a fetchling after losing his brother to the tax in the city – his brother was always a big gambler and lost big just before collection – he was likely turned into a praetorian guard. He has little hope of ever finding a way to get his brother back, but he looks none-the-less.
  • Before the change to the city, Orrin’s family was generally poor, playing at little intrigues. They had (and likely still do have) little respect for Orrin, as a fetchling he did the minimum to support the household or advance its position.


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