Goddess of the Sea


Original image by emanuelmardsjo.

A woman stands before you, clearly a creature of the sea. Her unnaturally lithe body with skin of fine purplish-blue scales moves in the manner of ocean waves. Her overlarge eyes blink with more eyelids than they should, and carry a gaze that’s beheld the depths of the deepest trench.

  • Prisim is the navigator and sea-speaker aboard the Sea Bitch.
  • “I am running away…from my family. They rule in Phoenicia, near the northern border of the Archipelago.”
  • “They have expectations about who I would devote my faith to. You see, they are devotees of the Primordial Bokrug. He is a tributary of the source wave, and slumbers in the realms of dreams.”
  • “I’ve not held faith for Bokrug, though I do fear him. He longs to swim in the last waters of Senium, and kick up all creation into a formless silt. When the time came not long ago to pledge myself to him, I refused and in the same moment became goddess of the sea. My family was infuriated, but divided; it was an elder brother that helped me escape in exchange for a favor in the future.”


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