A nimble samsaran, silver-haired and silver-tongued


Image by mineworker.

Scarceno is a tall and lithe man, girded in many-buckled leather armor and secrets. A faint, sickly sweet scent of poison mixed with the musk of sweat follows in his wake. His ice blue gaze pierces out above his mask, revealing a calculating cunning.



Scarceno died first after the party interfered with a ritual that the Samaran was leading. He died again (presumably) at the hands of Adelaide, who used his connection with Shadrathir to power Paravahl’s enchantment.

Scarceno claims to be the reincarnation of a fragment of the 1st age Goddess of Shadow Shadrathir. For the last several incarnations of his samsaran life, his story is that he’s been trying to regain access to the temple to complete a ritual, but has been repeatedly foiled by a gang of forgotten gods.


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