Brahmastra Crystal

Potent anti-angel weapon


Meteorite Cube by Atggems

The cubical pommel crystal is tiny and appears to be made of an offensively greasy metal. Its very presence seems somehow blasphemous – though never specifically to anyone’s belief. Sickening striations of web-like strands criss-cross the surface of object reminiscent of spiders.

  • Pommel crystal that imparts special abilities to any weapons in which it is mounted.
  • +1 weapon bonus, stacks with everything.
  • lawful outsider bane
  • wielder is immune to all spell-like or supernatural abilities from lawful outsiders.
  • weapon always penetrates DR of lawful outsiders.

Said to have formed from the tears of the holy light, weeping in sadness as he cast the rebellious angels from the heavens.

Brahmastra Crystal

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