Phoenix Cloak


Phoenix Cloak by Paizo
by paizo

This cloak is made of tough leather, and is decorated with brilliant red and orange feathers.

  • As a free action, the wearer can rub her hands together, setting them alight—thus granting her natural attacks and unarmed strikes the burn special ability (Bestiary 298; 1d6, Reflex DC 14). The wearer can use this ability for up to 10 rounds per day, which don’t need to be consecutive.
  • If the wearer takes damage that would reduce her below 0 hit points, she can expend one use of mythic power to transform into a phoenix-like being. This doesn’t require an action. When this happens, she is immediately affected as though targeted with a breath of life spell (CL 9th) and polymorphs into a bird-like creature made of flames (as elemental body II, CL 9; fire elemental only). While in this form, the wearer also gains a fly speed of 50 feet with good maneuverability, as well as a +4 bonus on Fly skill checks due to this maneuverability.

While most think that the cloak is decorated from the feathers of a phoenix – the truth is rumored to be far more insidious; perhaps that is why so few of them were made. Either way, it is obvious that the secret to their creation has been intentionally buried.

Phoenix Cloak

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