Death's staff

weapon (melee)


Staff, carried by Caelynn

The polished Sardonyx gemstones embedded into the head of this staff appear to smolder like dying embers. Its shaft is a sleek, blacked metal rod – solid and cold to the touch. Atop its head coil two horns – somehow appearing both regal and dangerous. Their tips are impossibly black, as if they’ve pierced the night itself and carry the stain of its Stygian blood.

Staff of Necromancy
In process
[Caster level 8th]

  • Cause Fear (1 charge)

Seathrun was forged deep in the tomb-mazes of the shadow city Paravahl by Idelos, a bitter Kayal of the 3rd Necromantic Order. Idelos smiled viciously when it’s cold-forged iron was stretched over a long-forgotten rack left in the depths – he could still hear the centuries-old screams of the city’s enemies. The gems he stole from a neglected shrine of a childless man who’s death ended his family name. Idelos never spoke of from where the horns were taken, but his haunted look at their mention left a chill in your heart and goosebumps along your spine.


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