Spellbreaker Blade


This small blade is made out of a strangely vibrating metallic material, etched with twisted bars reminiscent of music notation that catch the light only a certain angles. Those with spellcasting abilities claim they can hear a faint tuning fork hum if they press their ear against it. Its base appears designed to mount to an existing weapon as a backhand blade.

spellbreaker blade by Aikurisu
by aikurisu

  • +1 (stacks with everything)
  • Bane to any creature with spellcasting or spell-like abilities.
  • Standard action: mythic power + smack blade against hard surface, antimagic field centered on blade for 2 hours. Strike a 2nd time to as move action deactivate.

Said to have been forged in the eternal fires left behind by the first fire primodial as it was banished from creation and stripped of magic.

Spellbreaker Blade

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