Sessions 24, 25, and 26 - Faded Notes

Much of this portion of the story of the gods has been lost to the fog of time as Laurian, the primary recorder of their deeds up to this point, was incapacitated. What follows is what history has been pieced together.

Working with the bound dream dragon of Shinael Zizzixtraz, the sleeping deities determine that they are trapped in the dream realm he created due to the influence of the dark entity Caelynn called upon to curse her childhood rival Tera Hawthorne into eternal slumber. They hatch a plan to track down a scroll of dream slumber that Zizzix places in each of his dreams which serves as a backup method of escape.

The sleeping gods quickly locate the scroll but find it to be guarded by a strange otherworldly creature, a colour from space. They battle the strange entity and release themselves from the sleeping enchantment.

Meanwhile, back on board the Sunken Squall in the waking world, the rest of the party interrogates the sorceress which attacked them. Compelled by some means to tell the truth, she reveals that her name is Legatin – she is only a commoner, but serves as an aid to a prominent family of the Spring Court, the Falavirs.

Legatin by PrincepsSenatus
by PrincepsSenatus

The Falavirs are rising rapidly in influence in elven politics and decided to take action when they heard that Caerdin was sent to redirect the party away from Shinael. The plan was to stage a false assassination attempt on the party by forces within the Court of Winter. Her masters hoped this would prompt the deities to insist on traveling to the isle and ending the long reign of the Winter Court. They believe that the shift in power and philosophy is vital to the survival of the nation given the return of the gods and the threat of Uruk invasion.

Now reunited, the party is faced with another two challenges – first, the non-deities of the group cannot wake up; whatever is holding them in the dream realm is too powerful for Zizzix’s backup plan. The only solution seems to be unbinding Zizzix from the isle’s enchantment. Second, the group is still captive aboard the Sunken Squall and barred from the isle. To get the ball rolling in addressing the former issue, Leatha addresses the latter issue and challenges Caerdin, captain of the Sunken Squall, to a duel for their freedom. Knowing that his crew is outmatched in facing the entire party of gods, Caerdin accepts the challenge and is defeated.

With their freedom regained, the party returns to the Sea Bitch and sails to the real Tavrobel. Dantalion knows of a nominally unguarded Path of Addaric near the town which will allow him to return home and the party to get to the core of the isle’s enchantment quickly. At Tavrobel the party fights a mysterious conjurer to tries to stop them from docking and escapes once his creatures are defeated.

The genuine town of Tavrobel is largely similar to the Tavrobel presented to you in your dreams by Zizzixtraz, though with a full litany of citizenry lined up in the higher tiers of the town to watch your battle.

Buildings with thin paper walls dot the land, the soft light of candles illuminate some as dusk progresses into night. Outside of a dream, the craftsmanship of the elves truly shines – each item, no matter how mundane, is imbued with artistry, care, and beauty. Decorative elements ebb and flow with the natural setting around you and only the scent of the evening forest and seared onions reaches your nose.

In Tavrobel, the party strikes a deal with the mayor Kaerith to allow the Sea Bitch to stay docked and Prism to stay behind and guard the unconscious party members. They also visit Estelion, the godmother of Leantha’s aunt and master of magical cloth. The next day they set out overland for a bridge that leads to the fey realm Shyrbarad where the Path of Addaric lies unguarded.

Bridge by Hakubaikou
by Hakubaikou

The journey to the bridge is uneventful and upon the bridge the party battles a pair of giants. After crossing the bridge, the party enters Shyrbarad…

Shyrbarad by aJVL
by Aeron


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