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  • Bartholomaus

    Bartholomaus is a traditionalist living in the City of [[Paravahl | Paravahl]], shunning the "new science" of the Apothecary movement. As a long standing member of the now-defunct Church of Shadrithir, Bartholomaus has seen his influence wane in the …

  • Adeliade Omenra

    h3. Update Adeliade, in a maneuver that involved using Perfection's Key to access and control Paravahl's enchantment, has gained control of Paravahl and delared herself the Wizard-Queen of the new Paravahlian Empire. !http://orig12.deviantart.net/ …

  • Illarion Scarn

    Illarion is the former high priest of the now defunct Church of Shadrathir. Now the kayal makes due as a middling lord in the School of Illusion. * Illarion was one of the survivors of a group of noblemen who were killed in the terrorist attack that …

  • Dr Tribideux

    * Dr. Tribideux seems to be weathly in terms of non-Paravahlian goods such as gold. * The doctor also has at his disposal an Alchemical Golem, to which Cyrus pledged to free. * The doctor seems to be interested in securing "samples" from the players.

  • Eunice Baumgartner

    * First encountered when she confronted [[:graver-1 | Graver]] when he divulged the secret of the opening of Tower Requiem in the Paravahl's bazaar. Accused him of intentional destruction of currency without reinvestment intent. * In later sessions, …

  • Orrin

    * Orrin was once a freelance fetchling; securing whatever he was hired to secure through a variety of means. He is accustomed to being geased into secrecy and doesn't really mind it - he had little interest is participating in Paravahl's dance for …

  • Ophidior

    * Officiant of Entertainment at the Notion - a prominent brothel within the city of Paravahl.

  • Therese

    As an immortal kayal, Therese has had a long time to mediate on the mysteries of the shadow that her race embraced so long ago. And though she was not the first to shun the life of intrigues that envelope the city, she happens to be the most outspoken …

  • Kettoras

    * Kettoras' simulacrum was first encountered in session 13, where he was blinded and driven off by the party.

  • Twitch

    * Twitch is the Boatswain of the Sea Bitch, charged with both inspecting and maintaining the ship.