by yagaminoue


Bathyal was once known in the age of Primes as Xxiphu, an aboleth-held city. The undersea empire of the aboleths was vast, and Xxiphu acted as a beachhead for their influence on land. Xxiphu was known to carry a large cache of weaponry to act as a deterrant against opposition or influence from either the angels or demons of the time.

Before even the age of Primes, Xxiphu was known by a different name, now lost to time. It was a Samsaran City which, through some disaster, sunk beneath the waves.

Today, Bathyal is home to a small population of gillmen – the former slaves of the Aboleths. Much of the city has been claimed by the wild sea and the creatures therein.


At the head of the gillmen rules Krossbyr, a Sea Giant with aims to reclaim the lost city and gather the scattered gillmen under his banner. To fund his ambitions, the gillmen have taken to charging a tax to guide ships through the southern coral mazes of the Archipelago. This has actually led to an increase in commerce through the area, as less ships have been lost to the coral or the open sea outside of the island chain.

Not too long ago, Bathyal was led by a council of gillmen elders, content to hold their corner of the lost city and let the world sink futher into twilight. No old gillmen reside in Bathyal anymore.


In the winter of 661 N.Y., a band of rising deities visited Bathyal and struck down king Krossbyr when he tried to double-cross them. They revealed to the gillmen the king’s alliance with Sahuagin and left the city to sort things out themselves.


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