Character Generation

When generating your characters, please try to make choices based on what you’ll have fun playing, rather than focusing so much on optimization. If you remember from my earlier campaigns, they’re generally not that hard!


I recommend each player come to the table with the following:

  • Two Character Portraits, one as a lower-level minor deity, the other as a higher-level demigod.
  • A legible character sheet (I plan to reference these while preparing for gaming sessions to highlight your abilities – if I can’t read the sheet, I can’t get you much of a spotlight!)
  • A short character background
  • Be willing to rotate on the responsibility for updating the campaign journal. The journal is a good tool to help me remember what happened – even crib notes / highlights are better than nothing. It would help me immensely!

Ability Scores

Ability Scores are generated on the point buy system, with the Epic Fantasy 25 points allotment.

In lieu of choosing a mythic flaw, you may instead opt to assign an 8 or 7 to any ability score. This ability score can never be raised, even temporarily.

Mythic Flaws

Mythic flaws are on page 134 of the Mythic Adventures book. They are flaws that force the characters to suffer a particular ailment in certain situations, one that they can’t mitigate or work off over time – a flaw truly a part of their mythic nature.

Taking a mythic flaw is a voluntary transaction – you get to barter with the GM in exchange for a boon of some sort. Perhaps an additional mythic feat, or a path ability. You can opt to take a mythic flaw at any time during the game.


Make sure to check out the races wiki page for changes to the available races.

Character Generation

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