The Uruk of Chersky are a young people, strong and vibrant, who believe that their destiny is upon them; to forge a great nation through glorious conquest, from which will leave their mark upon history forevermore.

Traditionally a loose collection of warring and savage tribes, the Uruk came together twenty years ago in a campaign of unification carried out by a powerful warlord and his adventuring companions. This Overlord has since focused his efforts on radically forging a new national identity focused on progress, martial skill, and allegiance to the city-state of Chersky. Traditions and ‘old ways’ are now frowned upon, with recidivists punished harshly, or made into outcasts among this new generation where every citizen is a soldier, scholar, or craftsmen working toward a common goal.

Formerly a mass of cheap huts on the banks of a wide river, the city itself rises behind high walls and fortified battlements meant to defend against almost any kind of conceivable siege, from magical to the more ordinary. The construction is quite sound, built using imported dwarven architects and craftsmen. Where that race would have made their own embellishments, however, Chersky is clad in propaganda artwork glorifying the state, Overlord, and the Uruk people as a whole.

Too new to have much in the way of individual districts, Chersky does boast five notable enclaves; the Overlord’s Palace, the Alchemist’s College, the Foundries, Barracks, and the Challa Houses.

The Overlord’s Palace is the seat of central government for the city. A pious and minimalist man by default, the Overlord’s demense is barren and stark, filled only with his honor guard and those bureaucrats which inevitably arise to help run the machine of state.

The Alchemist’s College is an intimidating enclave formed of five smaller buildings with numerous walled yards. Between large amounts of wealth and the constant experimentation, the College undergoes daily construction of new wings, and repair of the old ones. There are five sub-orders consisting of the Chirurgeons, the Bombardiers, the Sagi, the Breakers, and the Chrysalids.

The Foundries and Barracks are a grim place, wedded to each, with resources leaving the Foundries only to be sent back for inevitable repair from the Barracks.

Lastly are the Challa Houses, the personal structures of the highest members of the government, and the domains of the Overlord’s personal allies. Conspicuously opulent, the Challa are the new noble cast of Chersky, adopting much Dwarven art and culture into their Houses, which is slowly filtering down into the rest of Chersky society.

The Uruk of Chersky possess the largest standing army on the continent, called the Soldat, with Dwarven-crafted weapons and fierce martial unity. While magic-using T’edak (“shamans”) are castigated and disposed of, the art of Alchemy has the Overlord’s interest as a viable source of combatting enemy sorcerous powers, with new innovations being developed and deployed each passing day.

Chersky exports little except violence, and imports anything it can get its hands on in order to grow the State. One notable exception is the Dwarven peoples, who are looked upon by the current generation of Uruk as stout allies and skilled craftsmen. A significant amount of valuables and raw materials raided by Chersky are traded to the dwarfs for skilled labor, training, and dwarf-wrought items. One notable item of trade are Uruk Chirurgeons, with whom the Dwarven peoples seem extremely interested.

Conspicuously, raids against the nomadic Half-Elves have decreased significantly in recent years, some Uruk Soldat bands even assisting caravans in trouble, so long as they do not stray too deeply into Chersky territory.

The military of Chersky, the Soldat, is an all-encompassing organization. Still, a few minor organizations exist. Most notable of these is the Alchemists College, composed of five sub-organizations known as Factions.

The Chirurgeons are skilled in the alchemical art of healing. Proving very skilled at their role, the Overlord has deployed Chirurgeons throughout the Chersky armies, straining relations with the Bardic Colleges, whom before possessed a monopoly on magical healing.

The Bombardiers are focused almost entirely on demolitions and weapons of mass destruction. Their discoveries are extremely popular with the Overlord, the Challa, and Chersky at large. Recently, the Faction has experimented with non-combat applications of their craft, creating fireworks and incendieries to use in state-approved celebrations.

The Sagi are tacticians and strategos, and regularly consult at the Overlord’s palace, using their alchemically enhanced intellects to plan the next invasion and solve issues of supply and design.

The Breakers are an early development, practiced in the specialized destruction of undead and constructs, perhaps with an eye cast to the northlands, where human catspaw Warforged stand resolute.

Last come the most disliked of all the Factions, those known as Chrysalids. Seeking to stretch the boundaries of what an Uruk can become, they work to develop super-soldiers and monsters for use in the armies of Chersky, or even to transcend the base Uruk state entirely.

Diplomatic Secrets
Unbeknownst to most but the highest of the Challa House-members, Chersky is a symbiotic creation between the Overlord and his band, and the Dwarven city-state of Torzak-Belgrin. Decades ago the Dwarves became concerned by the power of the other city-states along the region as well as the near-monopoly that the Bardic Colleges possessed on magical healing.

While perfectly capable of acting the role of stout defenders, the Dwarven peoples find difficulty acting on their interests abroad. Thus, when an adventuring band of ambitious young Uruk perfomed a service for Torzak-Belgrin, further talks and grander plans were discussed.

Twenty years later the experiment is a resounding success. The Uruk have a unifying idealogy and a burgeoning civilization far beyond their primitive beginnings. The Dwarves have a stout ally who depends on them for weapons, armor, construction, and increasingly, culture. Also, the success of the Alchemists Colleges has drastically reduced the influence of most bards in the western region, causing much consternation elsewhere, but rejoicing within the halls of power in Torzak-Belgrin. As well, where once the sorcerous might of the Kayal and the Elves was unmatched, now they would have to contend with a strong, disciplined, and alchemically-armed army easily mobilized to protect Dwarven interests abroad.

Were such secrets to be uncovered, the Uruk of Chersky might not even care. While at the moment Torzak-Belgrin remains entrenched firmly in the shadows, there are already those visionaries within both cities who tentatively begin to explore the idea of Empire.


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