Creation Story

As told by the Archangel Erathaol the Seer

The Immortal Age

In the beginning, there was only Awareness. Seeking to give himself physical form and feeling, Awareness sung the song of creation. But the song sounded all at once, the notes overlapping each other, and all existence was created in one huge explosion of energy. Thus Limbo was formed.

Frowning upon the formless result of his creation, Awareness made silence and placed it between the notes of the song of creation. And so it was that the Astral Plane was formed, and Awareness saw that the concept of balance was the key to creating forms and structures.

Again Awareness began to sing the song of creation. First, he sung to Limbo, separating and pooling the elements into the astral plane as tools he needed to build the rest of his creation. That is when the elemental planes of earth, air, fire and water came into being. Then, he gave sentience to these primordial elements and bid them to come together and learn the song of creation. Thus the song of creation, or magic, was granted to the primordials and with it they began to form the mortal realm – known to scholars as the material plane.

Pleased with the work of the primordials, Awareness finished the last notes of the song and created the positive energy plane. From its boundless energy he imbued the material plane with life; countless plants and animals filled the mortal realm. He was careful to honor the concept of balance however and created the negative energy plane, incorporating the concept of mortality for all creatures of the new realm.

The perfect balance of Creation was short-lived however, for when the primordials went to explore the new creation, their extreme forms twisted and destroyed the realm where they walked. Awareness became angry at the marring of his creation and commanded the primordials to create a sentient creature of balance to repair and tend to the world. So the primordials used magic to elevate one species of beast – the dragon. Their task complete, Awareness banished the primordials to limbo and stripped the song of creation from them. He instead gave the song to the dragons, who used it to repair and tend Creation perfectly for countless eons.

Despite their initial obedience, the dragons were destined to fail at their task, for they were flawed. The primoridals had made the dragons immortal, and thus they were imbalanced themselves. Inherently imbalanced, they never could’ve tended to the balanced realm of Creation forever. So after countless eons, the dragons became bored with their work and sought to elevate a lesser race to toil at the balance whilst they played. Thus elevated the Samsarans, gifting them with reincarnating souls and magic to tend to the mortal world while they retreated to their lairs, pleased with their own cunning.

When Awareness saw that the proud dragons had altered his perfect balance, he became furious. He cursed all dragons to never again rule creation and scattered them to every corner of existence. The worst offenders were stripped of their wings and much of their majesty and magic, reduced even lesser forms.

Though Awareness wanted to help the Samsarans in their new task, he could not because his very presence would destroy such lesser beings. Even still, the Samsarans tended to the balance flawlessly, and the realm again knew peace. But over time, several divergent ideas about Awareness developed among the Samsaras, none of which could be proven because he had been silent for so long. These differing ideas eventually led to open arguments, a cultural schism, and then to civil war.

Throughout all their history, it was rare for a Samsarans to kill one another. Even during the war, the law against murder was supreme – so other ways to fight were sought. When tournaments, duels, and mock raids were not enough, the Samsarans turned to the beasts of Creation. At first, the beasts were magically compelled to attack each other in gladiator-like combat with the owner of the surviving beast winning the battle. Eventually, many started using magic to elevate their beasts to sentience to fight for them.

The Age of Primes

Abhorred that the Samsarans had created mortal sentients who faced oblivion at the end of their existence, Awareness came to Creation and smote them. He stripped away their creation magic. He then split their race into two distinct subraces, those who had elevated sentient creatures to die were made into the Rakshasha. Those very few who had elevated simple beasts or who had not participated in the war were allow to remain Samsarans, but still lost much of their magic.

Because Awareness had entered Creation to smite the Samsarans, all the immortals saw him as a great destroyer while their sentient servitor races (humans, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, etc.) saw him as a savior. These diametrically opposed yet equally strong beliefs coupled with the balancing nature of Creation split Awareness into two beings: the most holy Light, savior of the mortal races, and the most unclean Darkness, the destroyer.

Both the Light and Darkness immediately left Creation, lest it alter them further. Apart however, they were no longer powerful enough to return to the home of Awareness, so they fashioned new homes for themselves far away from creation. They formed these outer realms to be collectors of mortal souls, a they were quickly found to be a potent source of power.

Because the most holy Light could not speak directly with the people of Creation lest he destroy them, he created the angels to carry out tasks amongst the heavens and in Creation. The immortal angels are based off of a more perfect version of the various mortals of Creation and for the good of all have been forever forbidden to wield high magic, the true song of creation. The Darkness did the same, creating the demons, though he forbade them from learning high magic out of fear they may usurp him.

Again, Creation knew peace and the fight between good and evil raged in the Astral Sea. After several millennia, the war between the forces of good and evil still raged in the immortal realms, neither side winning a decisive victory. That all changed when heaven’s most decorated general, the first lieutenant of the Light himself, betrayed his station. Asmodeus took several angels with him in his devastating betrayal, both for the side of Darkness and in death at the end of his sword.

With the betrayal, the battle finally turned. The forces of Darkness raged across heaven, killing all who stood in their path. Finally, after centuries, the final battle was at hand. Millions gathered on both sides at the very foot of Mount Celestia . The battle lasted years and many were lost on both sides, but the forces of heaven were overwhelmed. When all looked to be lost, the Light came down from on high and entered the battle to smite the creatures of Darkness. But Darkness itself revealed its ugly visage, and the two clashed in a titanic battle.

When it ended, both the Light and the Darkness fell silent. From then until the present, neither has spoken again to their immortal creations. Asmodeus cast down all the demons of the darkness into the primordial chaos and rules his fallen angels from the former throne of Darkness in the nine hells. And in all this time, no new angels have come from the light…our numbers dwindle.

The first age of Gods

The first of little gods arose as a surprise really. The immortals of the astral sea had long ignored Creation as they battled against each other. The mortal races naturally sought meaning and purpose. They found it in themselves and Creation around them, worshiping powerful mortal figures of myth and fiction who held sway over the various aspects of creation. All of this was entirely false during the Age of Primes – no such little gods existed. But when the Light and Darkness went silent, all of that quickly changed.

Several mortals who championed the various causes of the mythical figures began to manifest the powers that once only the Light or Darkness possessed. We realized the faith of the mortal races was somehow channeling the remnants of Awareness into other mortals.

Like all mortals, the little gods that arose were factitious and warred amongst each other often. It was at that time that the primal elementals (also known as the primordials), those that were created to craft Creation itself, rose up to reclaim that which they were banished from so long ago. They tore through creation and the heavens with devastating power, reclaiming everything for the primal chaos.

Even in the face of their own destruction, the petty little gods couldn’t agree. Some fought, others hid, and even others joined the primordials for a time. It wasn’t until all was lost that they finally came to consensus of out necessity. Everything was falling into the Primal Chaos, the Astral Sea , the Outer Realms, and even Creation. The primordials had succeeded and they were pulling everything into the primal chaos to be unmade.

In one last desperate act, all the little gods sacrificed themselves to save what they could, inverting the oceans of creation around what was left and sealing away everything else. What remained of heaven and the angels descended in the form of the mountain of Celestia. The Nine hells fell further, opening its maw and dumping the devils of Asmodeus on the beaches of the south.

The Age of Silence

What is under the skysea is all that is left. Outside there is nothing but the primal chaos and the emptiness of the primordials. All the little gods are gone, and the mortal races were nearly destroyed in the destruction of their departure.

We’ve rebuilt what we can of heaven on Celestia, civilizing the lesser races at the base of our mountain. Some of us have even taken mortal form out of compassion for the lesser races. Constant is our struggle to preserve the last of creation.


Age Name Time
The Immortal Age 0 F.I. – 14,376 F.I.
The age of Primes 14,376 F.I. – 19,668 F.I.
The First age of Gods 19,668 F.I. – 20,024 F.I.
Raising of the Skysea New Year Zero, 0 N.Y., the beginning of the new calendar
The age of Silence 0 N.Y. – 661 N.Y.
The age of Emergence Present day 661 N.Y.

Creation Story

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