by TitusLunter


Elysium is Mount Celestia – peak to roots, the entire continent is a mountain that rises so high it pierces the skysea. From the wound flows a massive fresh water river, pouring into farmlands and cities swarming with humans. It is a tough land that breeds tough people – half the horizon is solid rock that often hides the sun even in the summer months. It’s a cold and wet land with figid winters and moderate summers.

Elysium is also a land of beauty. Countless breathtaking waterfalls dot the land, clouds hug massive towering trees, and the deep, dark, rich green of life grows everywhere. The people of the land are just as striking; with their thick golden manes almost like the sun itself and their icy blue eyes richer than the coldest glacier. Some sport hair like fire with personalities to match and eyes that glimmer like emeralds.


All of Elysium is a Theocracy united together under the massive church of the Angelicum. Twenty years ago marks the end of a long and bloody civil war bringing the entire continent to heel under the rule of the Angels. Previously aloof for hundreds of years in their city high on Mount Celestia, their influence flowed down one day in the form of a new faith in place of the long silent old religion. Now no man can hold public office without also holding a position within the church.

Instead of mayors there are priests, instead of dukes there are bishops, instead of citizens you have the flock and instead of a city you have a congregation. Nearly all power that can be found is found within the ranks of the church, along with all the trappings and pitfalls that come with it.


The Angelicum is a faith supported by the powerful yet distant Angels. It is steeped in ritual and routine, and demands to rest at the core of its adherent’s lives. The central figure of the church is Elohim and the tenants of the faith claim him to be the resurrected Holy Light, finally arisen after defeating the unclean Darkness.

Though the Angels hold a position of respect and authority within the ranks of the church order, it is strictly forbidden to worship or revere them in any way. Such behavior is considered heretic and warrants severe chastisement on the first offense and public execution in subsequent offenses. Only Elohim can receive worship, and the Angelicum faith demands it, even from non-believers. Both secularism and paganism are considered barbaric – lost souls are pressured heavily to convert. Those who are resistant are shunned by the most merciful among the faith and slaughtered by others. Excommunication is the same as execution.


Despite the sometimes harsh environs, the land of Elysium is extremely prosperous. The massive bureaucracy incorporated into the Angelicum includes a banking, postage and distribution system. Combined with a homogeneous culture the logistics of managing a nation run more smoothly than in the Free Cities Peninsula.


Populated almost entirely by humans, Elysium’s strongest defense is sheer numbers. Despite a devastating civil war ending not more than 20 years ago, the fast-breeding race has completely recovered throughout the land.

There is constant chatter about a crusade south to convert the Free Cities Peninsula and free them of their secular barbarism. As most of the humans in the Free Cities are ex patriots of Elysium that fled rather than fight in the civil war, the Elysians have low opinions of their distant cousins and their arrogant denial of the Angelicum. The southern-most congregations of Asiryet and Empyron are teaming with youth training for battle and eager to fight in a holy war.



Universally feared, inquisitors of the Angelicum roam the land in bands called psalms. They operate under special dispensation from the church and can generally act with impunity. Today their primary purpose is to scourge corruption and heretical practices from the church organization. Psalms were originally formed to participate heavily in the civil war and they forcefully converted vast numbers of people. Now with peace throughout the land, inquisitors are a rare sight – even so, rumors run rampant that inquisitors are granted special powers by Elohim himself.


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