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Adamant citadel by alexiuss
by alexiuss


At its core, Senium is a dying world; one last bastion of the creation originally fashioned by the long-dead maker. For over 600 years the ocean has stood inverted around the last continent, the skysea above holding back the horrors of Limbo and only letting the light of the burning sun filter through

The players begin their campaign at the end of the age of silence. The petty deities of the first age of gods have been quiet since the raising of the skysea six centuries ago. Some believe they died sealing away the last of the world from destruction; others believe they never existed.

The campaign takes place in an area of the world defined by what it lacks – a central ruling body. The free cities peninsula is dotted by several large city-states with relatively friendly ties to each other. To the north lies the island nation of Elysium, boasting a mountain so high that it pierces the skysea itself. Angels have made their home on the mountain, supported by an aggressive expansionist religion called the Angelicum.

Places of Senium

  • The Archipelago – a ring of small islands filled with equally small kingdoms and dangerous mazes of coral.
    • Bathyal – a mostly abandoned Samsaran ruin once held by Aboleths, now only their former gillmen slaves remain working to reclaim the sunken city.
  • Elysium – the nothern island continent dominated by Mount Celestia, known as the birthplace of the massive Angelicum church.
  • Free Cities Peninsula – a free land dotted by city states, known for its diverse climate and population.
    • Chersky – The militaristic fortress-city of the Uruk, preparing for glory in conquest, while supported by secretive allies with far-reaching goals.
    • Gyre – From within their night-haunted city of Gyre plot the Drow, inheritors of a legacy built on strife, pain, and betrayal. The city is an arrow aimed toward the heart of the elven kingdoms on the surface world above; an arrow that will never be loosed.
    • Paravahl – a floating city wreathed in shadow, magic, and intrigue, known for its preoccupation with itself.
      • Penumbra – known as the port of Paravahl, where the shadowy Wayang encourage trade with a religious dedication.
    • Peacehaven – a progressive city of humans, known for its unique deposits of a material named havenum.


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