Stats standard. The Kayal, as they call themselves, are the native inhabitants of the city of Paravahl, imbued with the umbral essence of the shadow plane. Originally, the Kayal were humans from Elysium. Long ago, Paravahl’s wizard council magically transported the city into the shadow realm rather than be conquered by the crusade. The long years in the dark realm transformed the people of the city into a new race better suited for the environment.

Physical Description

Superficially, fetchlings resemble unnaturally lithe —bordering on fragile— humans. Their time on the shadow plane has drained their skin and hair of bright colors. Their complexion ranges from stark white to deep black, and includes all the various shades of gray between those two extremes. Their eyes are more pronounced than humans, and they typically glow a luminescent shade of yellow or greenish yellow, though rare individuals possess blue-green eyes. Their hair is almost always a dark shade or stark white. Deep shades of violet, blue, and crimson are less common with black being the most frequently seen hair color.


The Kayal are not a numerous people. Like their human ancestors, they are adaptable creatures, and as such display no singular preference for moral philosophy or the rule of law. The Kayal live a life mostly unburdened by the needs of men – rarely do they need to eat or drink. Coupled with lifespans greater than humans, they tend to have unusual perspectives and often value esoteric concepts above the otherwise esteemed coin.


Fetchlings have cool relationships with most of the other races in the Free Cities Penninsula. Many Kayal cannot be bothered to look behind the intrigue that shrouds their city. Those that do venture beyond the city often do so to acquire a unusual items or trophies – earning their race the nickname ‘Fetchlings’. They view the Uruk as brutish and irritating – having soundly repelled an invasion attempt or two. With the elves they have a fascinating rivalry in the form of competing colleges of magic – though the Kayal seem to take far more pleasure from the unique relationship than do the elves.


Most Kayal simply don’t feel the call of adventure. In fact, adventuring Kayal are sometimes viewed with derision among their own kind, so behind are they in the game of intrigue and the accumulation of secrets.


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